I have decided to dabble into the wonderful world of cosplay, here is where I'll document and post photos of the characters I cosplay, it is extremely expensive (to my dismay) so new posts will probably be every few months or so, but keep checking back!

The next cosplay I've ventured into is Belle from Beauty and the Beast, this is partially in celebration for the new live action film and also because she was my first favorite Princess. I decided to try and incorporate both cartoon and live action into my cosplay, mainly because I'm really inspired by Emma Watson's decision to make Belle more in charge of her own future, I think its really important that young children see an empowering Disney heroine. 

. Tinkerbell
I decided to cosplay actual Tink as she is one of my most favorite Disney characters! shes so sassy and confident, she's also one of the first female characters I had ever noticed being so flawed yet so loved, Tink really showed me that its okay to be imperfect and the importance of self love!


. Hermione Jean Granger
I could literally write novel about how much I not only relate to but also admire Hermione, since I was 10 she has inspired me to take education seriously, love who I am regardless of the judgement of others and to stand up for what I believe, so it only feels right that my first "proper" cosplay is my Favorite character of all time! 


. Festival Tinkerbell:
This idea was inspired all by myself really, I was really itching to try cosplay out but had no events I could attend, so I decided that I would use the music festival "T in the park"'s Fancy Dress Friday as an excuse to dress as Tinkerbell! I then decided that taking a spin on things and styling her to accommodate a music festival was really cute, even taking up the nickname "Tink in the park" ideally I wanted a wig also, but didnt order it in time....but it shall be here for Halloween!