MBFW summer outfit

Hello all! So normally my styles will go under "my style" but this look I would like to classify as PARTICULARLY special because it is my submission for #FCfindyourlook! in which (if I win) I could get taken to Mercedes-Banz Fashionweek Amsterdam with Fashionchick! http://www.fashionchick.co.uk or click here to see the site

This is my MBFW summer outfit! Given the weather conditions in Scotland, and the endless rain (boo) I had to come up with a look that was resourceful given the weather, I like to think of this look as my "Scottish summer" as well as my MBFW outfit! hahah

 Why my outfit stands out?! I love the contrast of colours, I think mono (while it still being lovely) is very blockish and kind of leaves no charisma to an outfit. My outfit is bright, filled with patterns, filled with textures, and just (if I do say so myself) leaves everyone with positive/blissful vibes. Feelings that I think most people associate with summer! I stand out because my look, while being fun and girly, also provides elegance and class, its fun, preppy, while still looking sophisticated and graceful. 

The outfit depicts summer, I think the use of bright colours is what screams "summer time" I didn't go with a theme but instead used clothes that mixed well. Given the weather (it was sprinkling when I took this, raining before hand, and has been raining for the past few weeks....non stop....help us world!) I needed to wear a rain coat, I decided to use the raincoat as the base for the rest of my outfit! 
I combined my raincoat with my rosy skirt. Within the red of the skirt some of the floral pattern had  "teal" colours, so not only did the colour of red compliment the coat, but the flowers also made the coat match perfectly. I then wore my "nude" Aztec textured top, as the nude colour acts as a neutral balance complimenting the distinct teal and red subtly. The brown belt was used not only to act as another natural balance, but also to show off my body shape and make the outfit un-frumpy looking :) (This is a good tip by the way, if an outfit is looking "frumpy" try a belt!).

I wore my white heels as they coordinated with the white flowers in the skirt (same goes for the bag), but also (you can't see but I promise) have a brown platform to match the belt. Heels were also worn to give the outfit a more professional and sophisticated vibe, matched with frilly socks to bring the girly-ness back into the look. The bag is small and dainty, exactly what is needed for the outfit, it has gold within it so I matched the gold with my gold watch and bracelet. 
Last but certainly not least my hat and sunglasses!!!! I used my sunglasses because they are fun, and also they bring a girly, positive, and happy vibe to the look! The hat was worn because I felt as if it made the look seem more "summer-y" and also, it complimented the purple colours within the skirt!! 

I hope you love my look as much as I do!! its definitely one of my favorites :D my dog even made a wee appearance, just for all of you! haha ;D

SUNGLASSES: Wildfox Couture 
BAG: Michael Kors
WATCH: Marc by Marc Jacobs


Sarah Lizabeth said...

I love this outfit! So summery :)
You look lovely!

Sarah xx

Valerie A. said...

Very cute outfit, I love your style!
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