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I’m fascinated with places that have an enchanted essence. Places that have something very unworldly and beautiful about them, that seem like a place away from the stress of everyday life, somewhere to escape from the normality. With that in mind, I thought about and scoped out my top 3 hangout spots in my hometown Barrhead and Glasgow!

The Glen;
On a normal day in the Country side of Barrhead, Glasgow, the Glen is a place where you can sit in the peace and quiet while listening to the rush of water collapse all around you, you can blank out whatever stresses you may have acquired during your day to day life and just be. The Glen has something charming about it, where nature seems to run free and your mind can be at rest. Sometimes people bring a book, whereas others simply go just to think, maybe even walk their dog. Yet, during the summer The Glen is THE PLACE. On a particularly hot day people (mainly teenagers) come and spend the full day down at the Glen, some jumping off the waterfall and to take a nice swim, others just want to have a laugh and chat with their friends. It’s a place where you can get your pals to gather and cool off during a heat wave. I don’t like the name favorites…but the glen is my favorite.

Blue Stone Café-
The most gorgeous café in Glasgow! It’s so floral and peaceful its almost like a hidden wee sanctuary in Barrhead. The bottom floor is a boutique which sells handmade cards, candles, and loads of lovely trinkets. Upstairs is a serene café where you and your friends can enjoy a sandwich, soup, cakes and a selection of teas or coffees! All food is organic and healthy, which is a bonus seeing as the Scottish diet isn’t as healthy. It’s a relaxing hangout filled with dreamlike looking décor and good food! Whats not to love?! Its basically Glasgows Central Perk ;)

T In The Park-
Free People included Festivals so I couldn't NOT recommend T in the park! Although located in Kinross, 2 hours outside of Glasgow, its the only major festival we get. It's the ultimate hang out spot for us Scot's that comes once a year bringing the biggest artists from around the world to our door step! Whats not to love?! Camping with friends, Live Music, forgetting about life for a weekend, and just having the best time of your life ;) not even being dramatic...I live for this Music Festival ;D Its so uplifting to be around people who share the same musical love as you do, its like a home away from home every time I go. Ive seen artists including Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, Deadmou5, Swedish House Mafia, Of Monsters and Men, Miles Kane, Eminem, Muse, Foals, The Killers, and so much more! Its absolutely amazing and never ever a let down of a weekend!

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