XIII Belle 

Belle is another if not my most favorite Disney princess, and I think alot of her self confidence and independence inspired me as a child to be the same. Belle doesn't conform to her small town and what they want her to be, instead she embraces who she really is and lives life the way she chooses, something that I feel so many young girls can look at and be empowered by.

about me

So, I realized that nobody actually knew who I was other than my name and that I’m a massive Harry Potter fan, therefore I made a post on my instagram asking people to send me in whatever questions (as long as they were positive and appropriate) they have, and this is me answering them! They are all in random order, and categorized. 

My account:
I made my account probably about seven years ago now

General opinions:
  • I love psychology, I took AP Psychology in high school and found it fascinating.
  • I do like Argentina, I have a few friends who currently live there however I’ve unfortunately not been able to visit yet, I definitely plan to though. 
  • My childhood dream was to be a princess, then a jedi, then a wizard.
  • I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Asia yet, but plan to go there also! 
  • If I had to pick between Juice, Beer, or Whiskey I’d pick juice.
  •  I have never met Emma Watson, that would be a dream come true.

I don’t have a favorite sport…and its not that I don’t support it, its just my mind automatically shuts down at the mere mention of it, I’m not entirely sure why and I wish I was a really passionate person who supports their favorite teams and attends events but I just can’t, I keep trying though. I was once on a rock climbing team and in middle school I took up volleyball for a short time.

I’m not single, and have my best friend as my boyfriend, we’ve been dating almost seven years and I can honestly admit he is my soul mate.

  • I am a mega fan girl, so along with Harry Potter I also absolutely love love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Supernatural, A Series of Unfortunate Events, One Tree Hill, Friends, Peter Pan, Beauty and The Beast, Tangled, Frozen, Alice in Wonderland (pretty much anything Disney actually), I could go on and I’ve probably left some things out but this would be a very very long post if I included everything.
  • The first fandom I joined I suppose was Star Wars when I was 6…I dressed as Aniken Skywalker for Halloween. 
  • My favorite band is Mumford and Sons, they are lyrical geniuses and their music got me through a really hard time in my life.
  • My favorite quote is “If you're going through hell, keep going.” by Winston Churchil, it was first said to me by my therapist and it helped me get through many dark moments, it inspires me to always look at the glass half full, and that im not weak but rather strong for overcoming struggles inside me. 
  • My greatest Music icons are mainly classical, Hans Zimmer is absolutely legendary and his music sparks my creativity and inspires me to write, the same goes for my second greatest music icon Ludovico Einaudi. 
  • My favorite song is Whispers in the Dark by Mumford and Sons. 
  • My favorite movie (besides Harry Potter) is Elf, Interstellar, Secret life of Walter Mitty and Titanic, 
  • My favorite musical artists are Mumford and Sons, Passion Pit, Phoenix, Biffy Clyro, CHVRCHES,The Cinematic Orchestra, Crystal Fighters,Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Beyonce, A Fine Frenzy, Florence + The Machine, Kavinsky, The Lumineers, Melanie Martinez, MGMT, Muse, The Naked and Famous, ODEZA, Sia, Sleigh Bells, Taylor Swift, Years and Years and The 1975.
  • My favourite colour is pastel blue and pink, 

Harry Potter:
  • In the films I ship Hermione with Harry, but in the novels I ship Hermione with Ron, I would go into detail with this but it would be a very detailed and long analysis. 
  • On pottermore my Hogwarts house is Gryffindor and my Ilvermorny house Horned Serpent. 
  • My favourite character is Hermione Jean Granger, followed my Professor McGonagall, then Luna Lovegood then Harry Potter (and now Newt). 
  • My patronus is a black and white cat
  • My favourite film is Goblet of Fire.
  • I have seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them! It was absolutely incredible and I highly recommend it.

  • I don’t really get mistaken for Emma Watson on the street no, I don’t have her hair and my mannerisms (I would imagine, I don’t know her personally so I can’t say) are different, as I am totally and completely me. I also have different features, that are completely my own! not to say that I don't like being compared to Emma, its a massive compliment, but I like looking like myself and being liked for me, I do get told I remind people of her almost daily though, which is nice shes an incredibly amazing woman. 
  • Make up wise I usually always wear something, even if its just concealer under my eyes, but it depends where I am and where im going if I wear makeup or not. 
  • I’m actually alright with the way I look, I think my mother is actually my doppelganger haha, but if I had to look like any other celeb it would be either Lily Collins or Carey Mulligan, they are both so gorgeous! 
  • I have had children ask for my photo before, but this was when I was taking photos for my Hermione cosplay, I also had people ask for my photo at comicon, both times I was dressed up though. 
  • I’ve been getting compared to Emma Watson since I was about 12.

  • I currently live with my younger brother and plan on moving in with my boyfriend when I graduate university. 
  • Im from Scotland, and my favourite part of Scotland is the architecture and nature.

Best piece of advice I can give to a girl in high school is to always be yourself, and that “Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind”.


  •  I have heard of Miss Peregrines home of peculiar children but I haven’t read it yet, its on my reading list definitely. 
  • If my house was on fire I’d have to save my dog.
  •  I am 24.
  •  I have absolutely no idea what my last words will be, that’s something I feel you can’t plan. 
  • Three items I would take on a deserted island (excluding food and water) is my teddy (I’ve had since I was born), A book (which would probably be the first Harry Potter for nostalgia), and a bear grills survival kit haha, 
  • I only speak English unfortunately, I wish I spoke more than one language and fully intend on learning Spanish and French by the time im 30 (maybe...maybe 40).

Other Women are not my competition

So I’ve been thinking more and more over the past few years about how women can treat other women, and how unfair we are to one another sometimes. In every night out I’ve ever been on at least one negative comment is said about another woman’s looks, it’s like programmed into us, whether it stems from jealousy or pettiness its definitely relevant with women in today’s society. Thing is, is that I too was guilty of the odd jealous comment, I would see a really pretty girl and honestly think to myself “yeah but look her hair is kinda frizzy” or “that dress isn’t cute though” so I could feel better about myself and my comments were met with agreement from friends who are actually decent human beings they too (I would imagine) are just envious and give into this imaginary competition us women have with one another. 

I’ve made a conscious effort to try and stop my mind from immediately going negative when experiencing jealousy and to turn whatever envy I may possess into a positive encouraging emotion, as I realize us women cannot achieve true equality if we are constantly giving into beauty standards and using them against one another. As much as I changed I began to realize more and more that others weren’t, So when I seen this top from Pansy Path I just couldn’t agree more:

"Other women are not my competition, I stand with them not against them"  

Too often I see women tearing other women down, whether it’s about beauty standards or hobbies or relationships this culture of nit-picking other women needs to end in order for us to truly gain equality. Again, it’s not particularly our fault, we are brought up criticizing women for their relationships, clothing, make up, hair and basically anything else you can think of, we are brought up reading about a women’s fashion disaster instead of her accomplishments, we are brought up assessing a women’s relationships so harshly, this particularly comes from the media and then filters into our normal lives. I think the more we are aware that we are not in a competition with another women, the more we live our lives positively and break down the gender barriers that already exist. Life is much better and much lighter celebrating other women, rather than wanting them to fail for another’s personal gain. Stop putting other women down because unless they are negatively impacting your life then why try and negatively impact theirs? Stop (for lack of a better term) “slut shaming” stop making a women feel bad because of her make up or hair etc. If someone is pretty? Tell them they are pretty! If someone is talented? Tell them they are talented, encourage other women to achieve whatever they want to achieve in life. 

XII Teenage Wednesday Addams

To celebrate Halloween I thought id style an older version of one of my favorite Halloween characters: Wednesday Addams. Despite her rather creepy love of murder and death, she actually has an amazing set of morals and such high intelligence that's very empowering, she also isn't afraid to be herself and gives young girls a message to embrace who they are instead of pretending to be someone else. I decided to style her as a teen because I thought it would be an interesting concept, and im also older...despite the fact that I look twelve anyways haha! 

XI Teenage Minerva McGonagall 

McGonagall is my second (first is Hermione) favorite character from the Harry Potter series/novels, shes a bad ass woman who's not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and do the right thing despite all odds. I've always related to her, not only is she Scottish but shes also fiercely independent and also (I found out after an interesting read about her in Pottermore) a wee bit of a hopeless romantic, although her romantic life definitely doesn't interfere with her choices and her self confidence. She is just all around amazing and screams "girl power". She would of been a teen in the 50's so I styled her accordingly! 

X Teenage Eleven

Words cannot describe how amazing I thought this character was, she was such a strong empowering young woman who is also independent and so totally bad ass, I was honestly so inspired by this kid to love who I am and be empowered by my own self that I knew instantly I needed to-do a look on her. I in no way know what happens to El in season two so this is really just a guess at what she would be like as a teen! 

 A special thanks to Union Waffles: http://www.unionwaffles.co.uk/

IX Marie

Easily one of the most underrated Disney characters, she just oozes (for lack of a better word) grace and overall cuteness, I love that shes this little adorable bundle of joy yet so sassy and independent, it just goes to show that stereotypes are generally wrong and there is more to meet the eye in every person (or cat...).