spread the word about Global Goals!

Going to be honest here, I probably wouldn't know anything if it wasn't for Emma Watson, and even though she will probably never in a million years see this, I just wanted to personally thank her for opening my eyes to global issues and encouraging me (and all her fans/followers) to actively help on these issues!

So basically, if you're up for helping to end poverty, empowering girls/woman to achieve gender equality, providing quality education and lifelong learning, ensuring healthy lives, ensuring food security and good nutrition, achieving universal access to water and sanitation, securing sustainable energy, securing sustainable livelihoods and equitable growth, manage natural resource assets sustainability, ensuring good governance and effective institutions, ensuring stable and peaceful societies, and creating a global enabling environment AND just in general being a decent human being then give @theglobalgoals a follow and tweet/facebook/instagram/blog WHATEVER YOU HAVE as much as you can about it with the hashtag #GlobalGoals


Its International Womans day! watch the video to see details, every day I will be celebrating a woman who has inspired me or empowered me, I hope you guys follow the blog post/do the same!! whether its simply telling them how much they have inspired you, or making a card/sending flowers! im sure anything would mean the world to someone who has helped you grow into the amazing individual that you are!
Monday: My Mother: 23 years ago this amazing woman finally had me after suffering from preeclampsia. I was 11 weeks early and weighed 2 pounds, and despite all the suffering she went through prior and the health conditions I had when born, she never gave up on me, and I truly believe that it was her spirit and love that I survived. Since then she has shown me independence, an open mind, patience, tolerance, and has encouraged me to follow me dreams and passions, having never never let me feel like any less of a human by my gender.  She is one of the strongest and positive influences in my life, she is a remarkable woman, she is super woman! I celebrate her everyday, but today I felt the need to take time out of my  life and illustrate exactly how much she means to me!

Tuesday: My Nana: My nana has taught me independence and creativity, from a young age she always encouraged me to be imaginative and outgoing, which I think helped me progress into being as inspired and empowered as I am today. She is a woman full of confidence and light, she has brought so much positivity and happiness into my life! I will be forever thankful that I get to call such a great and strong woman my Grandmother, having raised 3 boys and one daughter who have all grown up to be amazing and successful people who admire her dearly inspires me so much to one day be like the fun and wonderful woman she is! 

Wednesday: My long lost sister: Meet Madeleine, my best friend since 2003! Unfortunately she is in America, so I can't surprise her with a card or flowers, but I couldn't celebrate all woman who have positively impacted my life and NOT write about my best friend! She is absolutely the most hard working, dedicated, down to earth, most beautiful girl ever with the best sense of humor who has shown me that perseverance and an amazing work ethic is important to get you where you want to go in life. This girl studies 24/7 and still manages to surround herself with amazing friends and have fun, she has always shown me the most positive and bright outlook on life, even when she is down she still cheers everyone else up she just omits an era of happiness to everyone she meets, she is so strong, empowered, inspiring, and just generally an amazing woman! 

Thursday: My Aunt Elaine: She is possibly THE strongest and most positive woman in my life, her amazing attitude towards life is uplifting not just for me, but for everyone else she meets! she is the kindest most genuine woman I have ever met, and without a doubt deserves the world and more! no matter what she's going through, she still manages to maintain this amazing positive attitude and hope, she is just so beautiful inside and out, and I wouldn't be who I am today without her, who has taught me to always hope and have amazing self discipline, so THANK YOU AUNT ELAINE! she seriously are an inspiring role model in my life!

Friday: My Best Friend: This confident and intelligent woman has been my best friend since I was three, she has brought so much laughter and happiness into my life, and has always had my back and stood up for me. She is a huge part of who I am today, and is not only passionate about what she loves too, but also understanding. She is beautiful inside and out, and I just wanted to thank her for being the inspirational and strong woman she is!! love you Marisa! 

Saturday: Meet my future mother-in-law, possibly the most inspirational woman you will ever meet, she has raised nine kids and all of them have turned out to be amazing, successful, well mannered, and kind people! she is literally wonder woman, she can juggle ten things at once and still have everything done perfectly, she puts 110% into everything she does. She has such an amazing positive attitude that can fill you with so much joy and happiness, she is a remarkable woman, and she inspires me daily.


As many of you know (or don't know and you're just figuring this out) I'm a massive fan of Emma Watson, of whom has recently helped launch the campaign "He for She" which aims to achieve gender equality for men and females across the world.

I, personally, started noticing gender inequality when I was little playing make believe with my neighborhood friends and I wasn't aloud to be "Luke Skywalker" because im a girl and girls "can't be Jedi's" (this didn't stop me of course but I remember being awfully confused as to why). I then began to notice inequality when I was older and I was considered "annoying" because I  was more opinionated than the other girls, I remember a fellow girl asking me "why can't you just be a normal girl?" as if a normal girl was defined as being some sort of mute with no opinions of her own. It wasn't just girls I noticed, it was men as well, a boy was practically abandoned by my whole class because heaven forbid he cried allot, another boy I once knew was called weird for listening to the spice girls because that's a "girls band only" the stereotypes goes on and on. It isn't fair for woman OR men to be stereotyped and made to act a certain way because THAT'S whats socially acceptable.

"It is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum, not as two opposing sets of ideals" -

This quote (taken from twitter) sums up the aim of HeforShe, its the coming together of males and females to not see each other firstly as an opposite gender but as an equal human being with equal rights.

read more here:


The lovely people at Vegas.com asked me if I would come up with a few outfit ideas for The Aria Resort in Vegas! I was honored to have even of been asked! below I have came up with 4 outfit choices: eating out at The Lemongrass(one of Aria's gorgeous restaurants), bathing by the Aria's cool Liquid pool lounge, clubbing at Aria's Hazel night club, and even just catching up with all your sports in their amazing sports bar!!!


The first place is the restaurant "Lemongrass" which has "woven decor"  inspired by the Thai Silk Factory, how fancy!! to style for this I looked into a bit of Thai fashion, I thought this gorgeous purple/pink/black patterned two piece from Miss guided really fit the look, its also not too playful but not too serious: perfect for going out to eat! I am pairing it with the orange tank from Miss guided because I felt as if the bright orange really made the outfit "pop" the shoes and necklace are from Topshop, and I loved them because the necklace really resembles the nature of Thailand and really fits in well with the look, as the shoes match absolutely perfectly color wise and have a small heel, keeping the look elegant and sophisticated like the restaurant! The small bag is from Fossil, and I added it into the look because I felt as if on every nice evening dinner, a girl needs a nice bag! , its also small but not too small to where you cant fit anything in it.

Next is cooling off at the Liquid Pool Lounge: its very sophisticated yet (its Vegas so) fun! I wanted to show that within the look. I have a free people swim suit, its white (elegant) and just absolutely stunning, I matched it with black sandals (also from Free People) because they fit the "bohemian" vibe, the Black Kimono is from Missuided and I thought it was just an absolutely gorgeous "cover up" to have for chilling around the pool when not swimming! I added the Rock'n Rose Flower crown because I felt as if the look needed brighter colors and who DOESN'T want a flower crown? (it also fit into the whole bohemian vibe I have going on) and last but certainly not least the Ted Baker shopping bag! I personally use one as my beach bag, its plastic so it doesn't get that dirty and its big enough to fit pool side essentials like: sun cream, your towel, iPod, a book....so on so forth. I chose the pink "shopping bag" because it matched the flower crown yet the bow was black matching the kimono/shoes.

When clubbing in Haze Nightclub, I wanted the look to be as fun and colorful as the dance floor! I first choose this bright dress from Saboskirt! its elegant yet sexy (I feel so out of context using the word sexy but whatever) I felt as if it would be perfect for a night out clubbing! I paired it with the bright and shining heels from Jeffrey Campbell as I felt they really set the dress off and made the outfit more bold. I brought the pastels back into the outfit with the Michael Kors pink and gold clutch, as a girl always needs a decent bag when going dancing and this clutch would be perfect for keeping ID, credit cards, and whatever else you may need for your night out. The rose gold bracelet is added as I feel it would brings the look together completely. I didn't add any more accessories because the shoes/bag did enough to carry the look :)

For all you sports fans I have a gorgeous outfit idea for you too! to quote the hotel "This is not your typical Las Vegas Book with row upon row of simple seating. We want you to sit down in one of our couches or lounge chairs and never want to leave. Other amenities include full drink and food service as well as a VIP section." Watch the sports you love, in this adorable dress I found at Nastygal paired with the sporty themed/comfy trainers from Nike! the final accessory is the bag (from Top Shop), it matched the look almost to a T and would hold everything you would need for the day!! 

Dinner at Dior!

Okay, so really this should be going under "my style" as it isn't a review of any product, but its my most favorite dress in the whole wide world taken at, well: Dior itself, so I just kind of thought "what the hell lets make this a special post" :) So this dress is from Jones + Jones (http://www.jonesandjonesfashion.com/) and it basically is the cutest item of clothing I own and if I could sleep in the thing? I WOULD!! that's how madly in love I am with it :P I thought it was ideal to wear for a "Dior" dinner as its elegant and girly. I then wore my TopShop pendant necklace because the pastel colors really complimented the dress. I didn't want to overdo it with anything as the floral design within the dress was enough to stand out, but I wore my frilly socks (as always) with my white heels as they matched, my sunglasses were added simply because it was sunny and my white bag because it matched again ;)  I left my hair wavy but curled over a few bits with a curling wand, simply because it was ideal for St.Tropez and also because I felt curls was a cute wee addition to the look. Make up was minimal, I felt as if a "caked on face" would take away from the simple elegance of the overall look!                                                                                      


The lovely people over at Riverse were kind enough to send me two of their amazing products! first one was a gorgeous floral playsuit and the other a quirky tank that reads "you can't sit with us" (I personally have been dying for a mean girls related item of clothing since the movie came out so I was ECSTATIC to receive it!). This post is going to be like a two-in-one: two different looks in one post!! :) These two garments you can find on Reverse Officials instagram @reverse_official and soon to be available at  House of Fraiser!

Im everything obsessed with this shirt! it fits perfectly, is extremely comfortable, and holds a mean girls reference I mean WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?! I like quirky T shirts, and I think its just the perfect one! the colours are black and white which I found easy to match with just about anything :) I wore high waisted shorts because I felt they made the shirt look grungy and it was kind of the look I was going for? like a glamorous grunge! I paired this with my black heels (simply because they matched) and added the socks because I felt the need to spice up the outfit with a frill ;) I wore my necklace to glamour-up the outfit and used the headband because I felt like the colours in the garment matched the necklace to a T and that it brought something cute and unique towards the look :) I used hair chalk in the hair, to kind of bring out the colors within the outfit!! 

This play suit is just everything me!! flowy, girly, elegant, and floral! haha :) I decided to style it with a belt as it showed off my bodyshape more but didn't really wear much with regards to accessories because I felt that it would take away from the play suit :) I then wore my heart shaped sunglasses because I thought they brought a cute wee fun essence into the look and finally my heels! as they are white and brown and matched the look perfectly! xox

Style Blogger Awards '14

You're probably wondering how it went right?! (That was a rhetorical question OF COURSE YOU ARE..but not really) well I didn't win, but its always a HUGE honor to even be nominated so thank you to everyone who voted for me from the bottom of my heart it means the absolute world!!! :) It was, yet again, another absolutely amazing experience!! I got to bring my boyfriend which was so fun for him, and we met so many absolutely stunning/talented/amazing fellow bloggers! I HUGE thank you to MissGuided for allowing me to choose an outfit for the event.

 I am wearing there dress and heels!! I went for a king of "90's clueless" vibe, I'm not quite sure what exactly reminds me of the movie but I think its the straight cut/preppy/girly dress combined with the really awesome heels!  I originally wanted my hair kind of  70's straight with a huge big curl, but I didn't have the time so just went with the classical/elegant long curls which I personally felt worked out nicely!! I kept my make up minimal with natural colored eye shadow, a little bit of mascara, and pinkish lip gloss as I was already tan and felt the look looked fresher/better without a caked on face! BUT back to the overall look, I felt as if bold jewelry really took away from the dress so I wore a simple tiny pink pendant necklace and a thin gold bracelet which then matched my white/gold Michael Kors bag! I paired my heels with some frilly socks (I'm a sucker for the frilly socks recently) because I felt as if it was also very preppy and looked amazingly cute with the look!!

At the event we were treated to free hot dogs by Heck (I didn't have one but according to my boyfriend if it were a person he would leave me and marry it....so i'm guessing they were amazing!!) Ice Cream, Pink Vodka and champagne!! we were spoiled!!

Missguided also had an area named "Missguided fest" which featured many many gorgeous products of there's for their summer line! absolutely stunning garments :D you could also get your hair done at this point but me being a perfectionist with my hair I decided to be a fun sponge and I missed out but all the hair do's were gorgeous!!

As you can imagine, as the night went on I got very drunk on all the free booze and met some absolutely amazing people! everyone was so friendly, fun, and stylish! was just such an amazing event so a BIG THANK YOU TO COMPANY MAGAZINE FOR HAVING ALL US STEAMIN' BLOGGERS! ;)